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King Tuff Releases Video for “Sun Medallion”

130813-Outside-Lands-08-King-Tuff_0Why not get psychedelic in a graveyard? We certainly don’t have a good reason why you wouldn’t, and it seems as though King Tuff doesn’t either. In his new video for “Sun Medallion,” from the recent reissue of 2008’s Was Dead, the singer rocks out in a graveyard and on top of an old car in the woods, all while the background goes kaleidoscopic and psychedelic. And then he turns into a witch. Yeah, we’re not sure either, but according to the singer, the song came from a dream—and a random, fun find at a store.

“’Sun Medallion’ is a song that came out of my dreams, and it’s about this little charm I picked up years ago,” King Tuff told Rolling Stone. “I worked at a hospice clothing store, and that’s where the actual sun medallion fell into my hands. It had power. I wanted to film the video in my hometown of Brattleboro, VT, where the song loosely takes place, so early this summer, my friend and director/cartoonist/Magic Man Mike Wartella took the train up from New York City with his homemade teleidoscope, and we shot the whole thing in a day. My favorite part is when I turn into a witch, played by my BFF Ruthie.”

King Tuff will be hitting the stages for a tour this fall. He’ll kick off the tour on Sept. 25 in Denver, CO, and wrap up in Portland, OR, on Oct. 20. Make sure to check him out when he hits New York’s Irving Plaza on Oct. 3. For more information, you can check out his website. You can watch the video for “Sun Medallion” below. 

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