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Paul McCartney Debuts “New” Song

Paul McCartney NewFor months, Paul McCartney has been teasing fans about a new, possibly dance music-influenced album. Yesterday, he took the teasing to a new level by posting a series of random words, all of which were associated with the word “new.” This time, though, there was a payoff as McCartney not only confirmed the existence of an upcoming album, but released a new song from the album, as well.

McCartney’s new album, the simply-titled New, comes out on October 15th. The new song from the album-also called “New”-is available to stream on SoundCloud and to download on iTunes. The song is a bouncy, horn-laden number with a slick, polished production from pop producer Mark Ronson. McCartney has been rumored to be working with several producers aside from Ronson, including Paul Epworth, Ethan Johns, and Giles Martin. However, it is still unknown whose work made the final cut of the album.

New is available to preorder on iTunes now. You can listen to “New” (the song, not the full album) below:

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