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Roger McGuinn Quashes Hopes of Byrds Reunion

CrimagesNext year will be the Byrds’ 50th anniversary, and Chris Hillman and David Crosby are all for a grand reunion—too bad frontman Roger McGuinn isn’t having it.

“I’m happy with the Byrds as a good memory,” McGuinn told Rolling Stone. “David and I have talked about this at length, and to me, a reunion would just be for the money. We’d go out and play some sheds, maybe gross a couple of million dollars and split it four or five ways. I’m not attracted to expensive things. I don’t need a Ferrari or anything like that.”

Fortunately, there’s no bad blood here; McGuinn is still a fan of Crosby. “I love David. He’s funny, smart and very talented. He’s one of the best harmony singers on the planet. He’s a great rhythm player. … This isn’t personal,” McGuinn said. “Again, I just think it would be about money, and I don’t need it.” Crosby returned the warm sentiments, saying, “[McGuinn is] a fantastic musician and a really bright guy. I think he’s the best interpreter of Bob Dylan that’s ever been.”

Even so, McGuinn is immovable in his stance on a possible Byrds reunion. “He’s just not interested in a Byrds reunion,” Crosby said. “It’s a shame because he and Chris and I could do it. It would be great, but I got tired of asking him. I must have asked him at least 10 times, and he always says no.” Even though the Byrds won’t be hitting stages anytime soon, Crosby is still keeping busy with Crosby, Stills and Nash, who are currently on tour. 

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