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Dave Davies Says Kinks May Tour Again

Dave Davies Kinks ReunionIn an interview released today in Rolling Stone, former Kinks guitarist Dave Davies talked about the possibility of reuniting the group he founded with his brother Ray. In the interview, he revealed that there was “a 50/50 chance” of a Kinks tour sometime in the next year.

The interview was a rare public appearance for Davies, who has kept a relatively low profile since suffering a stroke nine years ago. He’s spent the last few years re-learning guitar, but he’s now back with a new solo album while also being heavily involved with the production of a Kinks biopic.

Inevitably, any talk of a Kinks reunion comes back Dave’s famously contentious relationship with his brother Ray. According to Dave, the relationship softened following his stroke, though he denies Ray’s assertion to the British media that he was instrumental in helping Dave re-learn the guitar. However, the two did meet this summer to talk about commemorating the Kinks’ 50th anniversary. “We talked about the old days and possibly doing something next year,” Dave says. “It was very positive.”

You can read the full interview with Dave Davies here.

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