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Elmore’s Autumn Soundtrack

guitar-autumn-2-mick-andersonHappy fall! Yes, if you hadn’t noticed by the shockingly brisk mornings, mild afternoons and straight-out cold evenings, it’s now officially fall. Last weekend marked the end of those hot, sunny days on the sandy beaches and the beginning of the hoodie-and-sweatpants weather. Even though fall is the season that’s most jam-packed with the big holidays (and oh-so-fun holiday shopping that you should be getting ready for soon), some just don’t give the season its due. It’s OK though; we’ve got just the soundtrack to help you fall back in love with fall. 


“Harvest Moon” by Neil Young

“I’m still in love with you

I want to see you dance again

Because I’m still in love with you

On this harvest moon”


“Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day

“Summer has come and passed

The innocent can never last

Wake me up when September ends”


“November” by Tom Waits

“November has tied me

To an old, dead tree

Get word to April

To rescue me”


“Autumn Shade” by the Vines

“Slip into the autumn shade

I could sleep for days

But I like the sun when

I can hear another sound”


“Leaves that are Green” by Simon & Garfunkel

“Time hurries on

And the leaves that are green turn to brown,

And they wither with the wind,

And they crumble in your hand”


“September” by Earth, Wind and Fire

“Ba de ya – say do you remember

Ba de ya – dancing in September

Ba de ya – never was a cloudy day”


“Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” by the White Stripes

“Dead leaves and the dirty ground

When I knew you’re not around …

I didn’t feel so bad till the sun went down”


“Autumn Almanac” by the Kinks

“From the dew-soaked hedge creeps a crawly caterpillar

When the dawn begins to crack, it’s all part of my autumn almanac

Breeze blows leaves of a musty-colored yellow

So I sweep them in my sack, yes, yes, yes, it’s my autumn almanac”


“October” by U2


And the trees are stripped bare

Of all they wear

What do I care”


“The Boys of Summer” by Don Henley

“I can see you

Your brown skin shinin’ in the sun

I see you walking real slow and you’re smilin’ at everyone

I can tell you my love for you will still be strong

After the boys of summer have gone”


“Autumn Serenade” by John Coltrane

“Thru the trees come autumn with her serenade

Melodies the sweetest music ever played

Autumn kisses we knew are beautiful souvenirs

As I pause to recall the leaves seem to fall like tears”


“The Last Day of Summer” by the Cure

“But the last day of summer

Never felt so cold

The last day of summer

Never felt so old”


“Autumn in New York” by Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong

“Autumn in New York, why does it seem so inviting?

Autumn in New York, it spells the thrill of first knighting

Glittering crowds and shimmering clouds in canyons of steel

They’re making me feel, I’m home”


“Autumn Sweater” by Yo La Tengo

“We could slip away

Wouldn’t that be better?

Me with nothing to say

And you in your autumn sweater”


“Autumn Changes” by Donna Summer

“Autumn changes

Shifting phases

Autumn changes

Turning stages”


“Autumn Leaves” by Ed Sheeran

“Float down

Like autumn leaves

And hush now

Close your eyes before the sleep”


“October Road” by James Taylor

“Let the sun run down right behind the hill

I know how to stand there still till the moon rise up

Right behind the pine, oh lord”


“Autumn Song” by Van Morrison

“Leaves of brown they fall to the ground

And it’s here, over there leaves around”


“The Autumn Stone” by the Small Faces

“Tomorrow changes

Fields of today

Yesterday is dead, but not my memory”

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