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VIDEO PREMIERE: Sam Baker in “Feast”

Sam Baker Say Grace
Photo by Chrislyn Lawrence

Texas singer-songwriter Sam Baker’s new album Say Grace finds him taking stock on what matters in his life. Baker’s had a lot to think about over the years: in the late 1980’s, he was caught in the Shining Path bombing and almost lost his life. That knowledge of the inherent fragility of life has informed almost every aspect of Baker’s songs, and it comes through here in his latest single, “Feast.”

Built around a quote by William Butler Yeats, “Feast” finds Baker in a talk-singing trance a la Johnny Cash. In the new video for “Feast,” the song is played over scenes of distress and footage of Baker himself in a bizarre marching band outfit. It’s a trip reminiscent of the wry darkness of Tom Waits, but from a far more personal place. 

Watch the video for “Feast” below:

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