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Bob Dylan Releases Video For “Like A Rolling Stone”

Bob Dylan Like A Rolling Stone music videoIt’s taken almost 50 years, but Bob Dylan’s classic “Like A Rolling Stone” has an official music video. Filmed to coincide with the release of The Bob Dylan Complete Albums Vol. 1 box set, the interactive video takes the form of a TV with various channels to surf, each of which feature people lip-syncing the lyrics to Dylan song. Everything from a live Dylan performance to a children’s TV show to an episode of comedian Marc Maron’s TV show Maron is featured in the video.

A press release from Dylan’s camp touts the use of video software Interlude to create the video, resulting in a video that cannot be watched the same way twice. We can say from experience that it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen in a music video before.

You can watch Dylan’s new video for “Like A Rolling Stone” hereThe Bob Dylan Complete Albums box set is available now via Columbia Records.

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