Burgerama Caravan Of Stars Tour – Bowery Ballroom (New York, NY)

The Growlers Burgerama TourBurger Records’ Caravan of Stars Tour, essentially a traveling Monterey Pop Festival of today’s garage rock, is certainly not something to miss if you’re a fan of classic, youthful, no-holds-barred rock ‘n’ roll.

The show started out with Habibi, a fantastic girl group that captured the audience straight away with their cold harmonies and punk/doo wop rhythms. Following them was a strong-voiced, thickly fuzzed-out, guitar-toting Colleen Green. Then the always acrobatic White Fang blasted their way through some heavy-hitting tunes—all before wrestling each other off the stage.

Gap Dream appeared shortly after with a synthesizer-drenched jam that completely mesmerized the audience into submission, followed by Together Pangea, who slammed onto the stage. Together Pangea rocked out with a hard, ferocious energy that incited intense moshing and crowd surfing. Then things cooled down a bit when Cosmonauts serenaded the audience with their droning, grungy acid-goth rock, which slowly built up to a cataclysmic, beer-drenched finale.

To put a perfect ending on this unbelievable night of great music, the Growlers took the stage last, playing their unique brand of psycho-surfer boogie to send the audience home dancing.

– Keith Hadad

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