Frontier Ruckus – 12/5 – Mercury Lounge (New York, NY)

Frontier Ruckus mercury loungeFrontier Ruckus have placed themselves in an interesting position in the music world. By meshing both Americana and indie rock, they’ve managed to avoid the pitfalls that sink many of the groups that ply their trade in those genres. They’re never as arch or as esoteric as many indie bands are nowadays, and their rustic sound never morphs into empty fetishization of Americana tropes. Their music is honest, pure, and really, really good. Touring behind their new album Eternity of Dimming, the Lansing-based band will soon find themselves in front of a notoriously discerning crowd at New York’s Mercury Lounge. If anyone can win over an audience as jaded as Manhattan’s crowd, it’s these guys.

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