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Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne Disses Dylan, Arcade Fire

Flaming Lips Arcade FireFlaming Lips frontman/glorious freak Wayne Coyne has never been one to be modest about anything, including his opinions. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the Oklahoma native was at it again, laying down a few controversial statements about Bob Dylan and the Arcade Fire.

Coyne’s opinions on Dylan stem from the folk legend’s tour with Wilco and My Morning Jacket earlier this year. “I think the public has an idea about [the tour] as ‘this must be a party every night,'” Coyne said. “I don’t think being with Bob Dylan nowadays is a party. I think he probably doesn’t talk to anybody and I think it’s kind of just the opposite.”

Coyne had slightly harsh words for the Arcade Fire, whose new album Reflektor was one of the year’s most anticipated releases. While the band may be critical darlings, Coyne wasn’t particularly impressed: “It’s just not my trip. I’m not really looking for that ‘We’re gonna survive’ kind of music,” Coyne said. It’s not nearly as harsh as the time Coyne called the band “pricks,” but it still seems like he hasn’t warmed to them.

The Flaming Lips have been plenty busy this year, releasing their album The Terror back in May. Their latest project, a song-by-song cover of the Stone Roses’ self-titled debut album, came out on Black Friday.

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