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Ian MacLagan on Faces Reunion: “We’ve Got Bigger Fish To Fry”

Faces reuninMore than a few rock fans are marking down their calendars for 2015 as the triumphant reunion of the Faces with Rod Stewart back up front. However, Faces keyboardist Ian MacLagan isn’t as keen for a reunion. In an interview in the NME, MacLagan revealed that Stewart’s call for a reunion came without consulting MacLagan or drummer Kenney Jones.

“It’s interesting that Rod announces these things without talking to me or Kenney,” MacLagan said of Stewart’s plans to “earmark” 2015 as the reunion date for the Faces. MacLagan, for his part, doesn’t even seem that interested in getting the Faces back together so quickly. “Why would we fuck around with the Faces when we’ve got bigger fish to fry,”

MacLagan posited. What’s the bigger fish, you ask? According to MacLagan, it’s the 50th anniversary reunion of the Small Faces, the mod-rock band whose demise led to the creation of the Faces. MacLagan said that Stewart “will have to wait until 2016 because 2015 is the Small Faces’ year.”

We’re curious as to how MacLagan intends to have the Small Faces reunite, as original members Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane have both passed on. The Small Faces haven’t played together since an ill-fated reunion in 1978, while a reunited version of the Faces (with Mick Hucknall on vocals) has been playing sporadically since 2010.

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