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Hundreds Arrested During Phish’s NYC Concert Run

Phish new year's eve arrestsJam-rock icons Phish played a run of four shows at New York’s Madison Square Garden leading up to and including New Year’s Eve, but the festivities weren’t a good time for everyone as several fans were arrested during the band’s run of shows. The New York Police Department reports that 238 people were arrested over the three days leading up to the New Year’s Eve show.

For many, Phish have become the Grateful Dead for a younger generation, and their fans have unfortunately picked up the reputation among law enforcement that Deadheads once had. Most arrested were reported to have been possessing marijuana and ecstacy, though the New York Times reported that one arrest resulted in 424 MDMA capsules, 71 strips of LSD and 14 bags of mushrooms were confiscated from one person.

The band themselves have not commented on the arrests at this time.

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