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Neil Young Announces New Album On Third Man Records

Neil Young new albumIt’s not quite the covers album collaboration with Jack White that we thought we were getting, but it’s something even better: Neil Young has announced that his next album, A Letter Home, will be released this year on Third Man Records.

A note posted on both Young’s website and the Third Man website announced the album in a very opaque fashion. The notes, both credited to one “Homer Grosvenor,” describe the album as “An unheard collection of rediscovered songs from the past recorded on ancient electro-mechanical technology.” While not much else has been revealed, it seems likely that the “electro-mechanical technology” of which Young speaks is the Voice-o-Graph recording booth that was recently installed at the Third Man Records shop in Nashville.

That’s about all that’s known about Young’s next album so far. At this time, no one in Young’s camp or at Third Man has verified just how much of a role Jack White will have on A Letter Home (if any), but a note on Young’s Facebook dismissed the rumor that the two were working on a duets album.

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