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ELMORE EXCLUSIVE: Stream Charlie Greene’s New Self-Titled Album

Charlie Greene new album
Photo by Miranda Penn Turin

Given his history, it’s no surprise that Charlie Greene ended up becoming a musician. The son of a singer/songwriter and the grandson of a big band leader, music is as much a part of Charlie’s life as breathing or the natural impulse to keep himself alive. What’s remarkable is how mature of a songwriter Charlie has become in such a short span of time. With a style that touches on everything from Merle Haggard and Harry Nilsson to Ornette Coleman and Burl Ives, Charlie’s songs have both a musical and emotional complexity that is hard to replicate.

Greene’s latest album, Charlie Greene, contains everything great about Charlie’s music while showcasing his continuing growth as an artist. Songs like “Man On Fire” and “Everything Gets Me Down” demonstrate both Charlie’s grasp of the long history of American music as well as the wholly unique perspective he brings to it. “My new record has something for everybody,” Charlie told us. “It’s got a megalomania song, a middle-eastern abduction song, a song that takes place in a Dyson vacuum, 2 love songs, one of which is disguised as a business transaction, a confusion song, a learn-to-embrace-your-confusion song, and a song inspired by Milo and Otis. I hope you like it.

You can have a listen to Charlie Greene exclusively through Elmore Magazine. Click on the player below, and enjoy.

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