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ELMORE EXCLUSIVE: Watch A New Video From Mingo Fishtrap

Photo by John Carrico
Photo by John Carrico

The big-band, kitchen-sink style of soul is kept alive by Austin’s Mingo Fishtrap, whose fourth album On Time hones their mix of Memphis blues and New Orleans funk into a raucous musical party. The soul collective play riotous, infectious rhythms with a heart and soul rarely seen in modern music. The band’s new single “Movin'” is a perfect example of that approach, as it showcases the band’s tight playing and Roger Blevins Jr.’s deep, soulful vocals. The video for “Movin'” finds the band in their element, playing off of each other in the studio for what turns out to be a thrilling performance. You can check it out below.

On Time comes out on June 3rd via Blue Corn Music.

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