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Paul Thorn To Release New Album, ‘Too Blessed To Be Stressed’

Paul Thorn Too Blessed To Be StressedMississippi-bred singer/songwriter Paul Thorn is coming back with a brand-new album. Titled Too Blessed To Be Stressed, the album comes out on August 19th on the Perpetual Obscurity imprint.

Too Blessed To Be Stressed comes hot off the heels of Thorn’s last album, 2012’s excellent What The Hell Is Goin’ On?. Thorn says that the process of making that intense album freed him up to try new things on Too Blessed To Be Stressed. “I don’t think I could have written anthemic songs like this if I hadn’t made my last album,” Thorn said.

Too Blessed To Be Stressed promises to be a bigger, more raucous album than Thorn’s previous work, which is something that Thorn himself credits to his band. “These guys really bring my songs to life,” Thorn said. “A lot of albums sound like they’re made by a singer with bored studio musicians. My albums sound like they’re played by a real blood-and-guts band because that’s what we are. And when we get up on stage, people see and hear that.”

This year, we spoke to Thorn about the Sandy Beaches Cruise and the fun of taking Americana on to the high seas. You can read our chat with Thorn here.

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