Joe Fletcher’s Triumphant Return To New York City

Joe Fletcher Knitting Factory
Photo by Michael Cevoli

Damn. Kind of wish I wasn’t at Firefly right now.

Elmore “On the Radar” singer-songwriter Joe Fletcher returns to New York City this Sunday, but unlike a little over a year ago, when he played all the way up in Harlem to a handful of people,  he won’t have to pass along the venue’s tip jar for his pay. He also won’t have to use that money for gas to his next gig.

Joe Fletcher exemplifies what happens when a musician works hard and dedicates himself to his craft. While touring across the country (check out his Instagram, his photos will keep you occupied for hours),  he has built a solid fanbase. Since moving to Nashville, it seems his name pops up more and more, and rightfully so. Joe Fletcher is the real deal. Who else leaves a teaching job (replete with benefits and dental) to play a guitar from city to city? The ones who can make it, that’s who.
Though Fletcher returns to the Newport folk scene next month to play at the Newport Blues Cafe along with Langhorne Slim, T. Hardy Morris (Dead Confederate, Diamond Rugs), and J.P. Harris, New Yorkers can get a gander of him at Knitting Factory.
– Melissa Caruso

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