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Tweedy Releases New Song “Low Key”

Jeff Tweedy solo albumTweedy–the Wilco off-shoot featuring Jeff Tweedy and his son Spencer–are releasing their debut album Sukierae this September, and we now have a chance to hear what the Tweedy boys have been up to. Today, the band premiered a new song from Sukierae, “Low Key.” You can listen to it here via Rolling Stone.

Tweedy described the (naturally) laid-back song thusly: “Sometimes you hear songwriters say they wish they’d written someone else’s song, implying that songs are out there and it’s a matter of who gets there first. I’m pretty sure this one was meant for me.” Tweedy also had high praise for his son’s drum work. “You think your opinion is always affected by parental pride,” Tweedy told RS, “but I realized that he’s a fucking drumming savant.”

Sukierae comes out September 23rd on Tweedy’s own dBpm Records. Tweedy will be playing an album release show at BAM on the same day; you can get tickets here.

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