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Black Bananas – Electric Brick Wall (Drag City Records)




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Black Bananas Electric Brick WallFor those who have not been as hot on the post-split output of the duo otherwise known as Royal Trux as others, make sure you check out the latest from Black Bananas. Towards the end of their time together, Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema were incorporating beats into their trademark scuzz-rock sound. And with this second LP from her new band, Herrema revisits the vibe of those waning days of the Trux. Only on Electric Brick Wall, she takes it a step further by injecting a mean deconstruction of millennial R&B across these 11 new tracks. Songs like “Physical Emotions”, “Ride the Chump” and “Give it to Me” come across like Rhianna if she was more inspired by Throbbing Gristle than Madonna in her youth, as Herrema and her mates Nadav Eisenman, Brian McKinley and Kurt Midness twist and contort drones, squeals and licks into a knot of ragga-fueled industrial psych pop rebellion. Electric Brick Wall is an all-out assault on the new Top 40 aesthetic that not only transforms Jennifer into the ultimate anti-diva, but ensures the caustic wave of innovation she pioneered with Royal Trux lives extra large in the 21st century.

– Ron Hart

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