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Exclusive: Listen to “Riding Lightning,” New Track from Surf Rockers Crushed Out

Crushed Out, Teeth, Riding Lightning, Surf Rock

Neither New Hampshire nor Brooklyn scream surf rock, yet here we have the music of Crushed Out. The husband-and-wife duo of Moselle Spiller (drums, vocals) and Franklin Hoier (guitar, vocals) first met in the hall of the Brooklyn apartment building in which they both lived. There they soon set up a drum kit and guitar rig, writing songs and, presumably, annoying their  neighbors. In 2012, they headed north to rural New Hampshire (a slightly better location than Brooklyn in terms of being able to avoid bothering your neighbors with noise) to record their debut album, Want to Give. On September 16, they’ll release their follow-up, TEETH, another reverb-drenched batch of tunes that effortlessly blend surf rock, country and rockabilly, likewise recorded in that barn studio in New Hampshire (in the dead of winter, no less). But hey, if you’re looking for traditional surf rock credentials, Hoier is originally from California.

As much as any track on TEETH, “Riding Lightning” captures Crushed Out’s simultaneous surf rock float and country/rockabilly gallop. Fittingly, lyrics like “Growing up, you’d watch the trains, rolling in a going out again,” evoke both the imagery of the American west and the rhythm of the tides. As we anxiously await TEETH‘s September release, Crushed Out will be touring across the country, and you can stream “Riding Lightning” below, exclusively through Elmore.

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