Ted Nugent / Midland Theatre / Kansas City, MO / July 29th, 2014

What cosmic twist of fate put Ted Nugent and Barack Obama two city blocks on the same night? While police and security lined the streets waiting for the president’s arrival the theater was booming with another agenda. Ninety minutes of the shredder in chief doing what he does so well – driving decibels of pure delight.

From the opening salvo of “Gonzo” to the encore “Great White Buffalo”, Ted and company –original crew members Derek St. Holmes on guitar and vocal, Greg Smith (Alice Copper) on Bass, and Mick Brown (DOKKEN) on drums–played hard and played loud. Fans howled for “Cat Scratch Fever, and “Free For All.” In-between songs Nugent got political. He apologized for what he called “the stupidity of America.” He claimed we “fucked up” by voting Obama into office. He also mentioned a meal program called “Hunters For The Hungry,” where hunters like himself donate nearly 250 million meals each year. He also awarded a veteran a new car through Cars 4 Heroes.

After performing for fifty years Nugent’s brand is stronger than ever. His devoted and loyal fans love him. They’ll keep listening no matter how hard he goes against the grain. Ted is always going to be Ted. You either love him or hate him.

– Bob Parsons

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