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Neil Young Shares First Song From Upcoming New Album ‘Storeytone’

Neil Young new albumOne thing you can certainly say about Neil Young is that the guy is prolific. This morning, Young announced the impending release of Storeytone, his second album this year. On top of that, Young has also released the first song off of the new album, the social prescient “Who’s Gonna Stand Up? (And Save The Earth).”

Young made the song available today on his website, where he encouraged fans and journalists alike to get the song’s message out. Young lays out his opinions on the ongoing environmental crisis and offers links to find out how to get more involved. The song is just as much of a plea; its message to end human dependence on fossil fuels and to put more effort towards caring for the Earth’s fragile environment won over many fans when Young performed at Farm Aid this year.

Young has released three different versions of “Who’s Gonna Stand Up?”: the aforementioned solo acoustic performance, a live version performed with Crazy Horse, and a version with a 92-piece orchestra. The latter version could be an indication of what Storeytone may sound like; Young has said in the past that he was interested in making “a record with a full-blown orchestra.”

Storeytone comes out in November of this year. Listen to the orchestral and acoustic version of “Who’s Gonna Stand Up?” below:

Orchestral version:

Acoustic version

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