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Pixies Reveal 25th Anniversary Reissue Of ‘Doolittle’

doolittleSince reuniting in 2004, The Pixies have tried to balance appealing to fan nostalgia and moving forward as a creative unit. While fans who purchased Indie Cindy would argue that they have a bit of a way to go on the latter point, they’ve certainly done a good job of reminding listeners why they fell in love in the first place with their recent Doolittle tours. Now, just a few years after performing that landmark album in its entirety, the band are re-releasing Doolittle as a massive box set in honor of the record’s 25th anniversary.

The three-disc set features the album and the various B-sides from that era on the first two discs, as well as a few recordings from their Peel Sessions on BBC Radio. Of particular note, though, is the third disc, which contains several early demos and recordings of Doolittle and its B-sides, including a version of the single “Here Comes Your Man” recorded in 1986, two years before the band released their first album.

Doolitte 25 comes out on December 1st as a 3-CD and 2-LP set. You can pre-order the collection on the Pixies’ website.

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