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Watch Wilco Perform On ‘The Tonight Show’

Wilco are celebrating 20 years as a band, but they’ve been a little quiet this year. Well, frontman Jeff Tweedy hasn’t; he and his son just released a new album this year. Still, the band have taken the time to commemorate their years together with two new collections: What’s Your 20 compiles the band’s best-known songs, while Alpha Mike Foxtrot features the band’s rarities and B-sides. The band stopped by The Tonight Show to perform two songs from Alpha Mike Foxtrot, “Cars Can’t Escape” and “A Magazine Called Sunset.” You can watch both performances–as well a video of Tweedy playing charades with Ewan McGregor and Charles Barkley–below:

“A Magazine Called Sunset”:

“Cars Can’t Escape”:
Tweedy plays charades:

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