Luke Winslow-King – 10/27 – d.b.a. (New Orleans, LA)

Few artists are better suited for a music-loving city like New Orleans than Luke Winslow-King. The singer/songwriter studied in the city as a student before returning to get his real education as a full-time gigging musician. Since moving there in 2001 after encountering some hard times, things have gotten better for Luke. For one thing, he’s been putting out great album after great album for the past few years, and Everlasting Arms–his latest for Bloodshot Records–continues his tradition of excellence.  When he’s not on tour, Luke is a fixture in the Big Easy, and anyone swinging by would do well to check him out when he comes to d.b.a. later this month. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the d.b.a. website.

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