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Exclusive: Americana Newcomers The Jack Kerowax Head For The Forest In Haunting New Video

The Jack Kerowax, Ten Year War, Kerowax

“It was a very gratifying process to go the long way with it,” Johnny Beauford, frontman of the Jack Kerowax, said of his band’s upcoming debut album, Kerowax (due out November 25). Recorded solely on analog equipment in sessions spread out over a year, the band certainly did go the long way. “And I think, Beauford added, “the album conveys that persistence and strength that we were trying to inject into it.”

To be sure, this honest and straightforward approach befits the, well, honest and straightforward Americana sound this Texas band marshals so well. And in casting a wide net both in terms of genre (“Our influences range from classic country to Lou Reed,” Beauford said) and emotional tenor (“It is possible to be inspired by joy as easily as depression or anger,” he added), the band actually hones in on their own unique spin on the basic Americana approach.

To get a taste of that unique spin before Kerowax drops next week, catch the band live and check out the movingly lyrical new video for “Ten Year War” below.


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