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Exclusive: Watch The New Video From The Man With The Nashville Sound You Just Might Need

Cory Bishop, Nashville, Nashville Skyline, Bob Dylan
Photo by Macey Leslie














By now, hopefully you’ve heard Cory Bishop’s self-titled EP (or at least its lead track), released last month. Now, with the release of the video for “Crown of Thorns,” we can both hear and see Bishop in action. The track distills Bishop’s own straightforward, earnest sound, which both embraces and circumvents the influence of its Nashville provenance in all the right ways (perhaps it’s no coincidence that Bishop’s parents found each other while bonding over Bob Dylan‘s Nashville Skyline). You’ll get the unmistakable, tasteful touch of pedal steel, but you’ll also get lyrics and personality that evoke not the booming emptiness of a stadium, but the genuine intimacy of home. And home is precisely where the video for “Crown of Thorns” takes us, as Bishop and his band, tucked into separate corners of a house, play on while a young lady prepares to go out for the night. Watch the video, exclusively via Elmore, below and find Bishop on tour here.

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