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Mike Farris – Shine For All The People

Artist:     Mike Farris

Album:     Shine For All The People

Label:     Compass Records

Release Date:     09/16/2014


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Shine For All The People is finally the album which presents Mike Farris to the world and gives a good representation of the excitement that is a crucial part of his live shows. The songs he chose for this disc are special: two are Farris originals, and many are re-arrangements of traditional songs that hold a deep meaning to him.  Then, there is “Mercy Now,” written by Mary Gauthier, which has become the most requested song in his arsenal.  According to Mike, “Music has a mystical element to it and for me, this song is a perfect example of this. Penned by my beautiful friend Mary Gauthier, ‘Mercy’ just happened to appear before me just a few months before my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. This song played a major roll in helping not only myself deal with the year that lay ahead- and eventually his death- but also for my entire family.”  You can feel the emotion it generates in him and the audience he is playing it for. His music is gospel, or, as he calls it, “Gospel for all the people.”

Backing him on this disc is a band that would be an all-star band anywhere,  with people such as Kevin McKendree on keys, Kenny Vaughan on guitar, and multi-instrumentalist Doug Lancio.  The playing is something that Mike’s personality and dedication to the song pulls from the players, and the energy generated is other-worldly.

– Bob Gottlieb

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