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Exclusive: Check Out Crackling New Rocker From The Radio Birds

Radio Birds, Contemporary American SlangTalk about a successful makeover. Since completely reinventing themselves with a new sound and a new lineup in 2013, Atlanta rockers Radio Birds have played SXSW and 2014’s Rock Boat (they’ll play Rock Boat 2015 in just a few days as well), had their music featured in a major film, and been picked up by Brash Records.

In advance of the February 3rd release of their new album, Contemporary American Slang, check out “Hold On Me,” a crackling, electric rocker that builds with wailing guitars and slamming drums, weaving through a vicious, rasping voice that lays down a catchy hook perfect for shouting along. The accompanying video makes a fitting partner with the track: a rambling, gritty, whiskey and cigarette-fueled tour through the night.

Check out the track (and the video) below…


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