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Exclusive: Check Out The Career-Highlight Opening Track From JJ Grey & Mofro’s Upcoming Album

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While we await Tuesday’s release of JJ Grey & Mofro’s new album, Ol’ Glory, let’s enjoy its lead track, “Everything is a Song”—which delivers just about everything that makes this band great in one three-and-a-half minute burst anyway. From the rolling funk of the drums to the exuberant blasts of the horns to, of course, Grey’s honey and sandpaper voice, the track is the height of this band’s brand of rocking southern soul.

And what might make Grey—and by extension, anyone who listens to this track—truly, blissfully believe that everything is a song? His daughter. “I heard my daughter singing something,” Grey said. “She was too young to use words yet, just a melody. I was listening and all of the sudden it felt like the whole world was singing with her. Colors got brighter, trees got greener. I just started smiling and the idea for this song came.”

Share in Grey’s joy below with an exclusive first-look at “Everything is a Song,” then find the band on tour (today is your last chance to win free tickets to see the band at New York’s Terminal 5 on Saturday) and look for Ol’ Glory on Tuesday (pre-order here and here).


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  1. So awesome make the cold grey turn to a blooming spring day . Smile on my face can feel the love and sweet soul to the bottom of my toes. Rock on JJ Grey & YO MOFRO … LOVE