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Exclusive: Listen To A New Song From Inventive Rock Duo The Chordaes

The Chordaes Last SongCalling The Chordaes a “rock band” would be doing them a disservice. Their music is a diverse array of sounds and ideas, inspired by the freewheeling experimentation of Radiohead and late-period Beatles while retaining a distinctly pop essence. Formed by childhood friends Leo Sawikin and Ethan Glenn, the music of The Chordaes often reflects the fun, thoughtful, occasionally troublesome nature of its creators. “Last Song,” their latest release, shows a more introspective side of the band, though.

“‘Last Song’ is about a fling I had in a couple of years ago,” Sawikin says of the new song. “It ended right as college began for me. I found myself really sad, I assumed it was because she had moved on and that I was still dependent on her. But even after I forgot about her I was still in pain. I realized that a lot of the time when we are hurting, it’s easier to say to ourselves that it’s because we miss someone or something when really it is something that is not quite as simple, but we like to tell ourselves that there is some sort of antidote to our pain somewhere.”

You can listen to “Last Song” below, and be sure to see The Chordaes when they come to Rockwood Music Hall in New York City on March 8th.

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