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Listen To Mumford & Sons’ New, Electric Sound On “Believe”

mumford-sons-wilder-mindMumford & Sons leader Marcus Mumford has been talking recently about how the band has changed their sound, incorporating electric instrumentation and fuller drums, for their forthcoming new album Wilder Mind. Now fans can hear what he was talking about on the new track “Believe.”

While the new instrumentation is apparent from the opening simmering, electronic textures, the songwriting approach is consistent with their earlier efforts. If anything, the new sound just further emphasizes the band’s typically insistent rhythms and soaring vocals. The sound is dramatically different, but the song itself fits within their oeuvre.

What remains to be seen is how audiences will respond to the new sound. With their initial rise to fame, Mumford & Sons inspired a trend toward acoustic instruments in pop music. Now that they are going in a different direction, will other “hey!” folk bands follow suit?

Wilder Mind will be released May 4. Listen to “Believe” below:

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