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Exclusive: Listen To The Barreling New Boogie From Arthur Nasson

Arthur Nasson, The Emperor's New SoundSinger/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and filmmaker Arthur Nasson is nothing if not prolific, having already released seven albums and now preparing to release a new EP, The Emperor’s New Sound.

Beginning with a barreling piano and fiery, bluesy guitar solo, Nasson propels the EP’s title track forward in a highly-charged boogie. With a Beatles-by-way-of-Soundgarden chorus and facetious lyrics about “not backing off the Auto-Tune” it’s clear that Nasson is humorously decrying a perceived lack of authenticity in contemporary music while squarely placing himself in the authentic rock ‘n’ roll tradition.

The Emperor’s New Sound will be available from Philistine Records on April 28. Listen to “The Emperor’s New Sound” below:


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