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Watch Modest Mouse’s Strange New Video For “Lampshades On Fire”

Having released their first new album in eight years just last week, Modest Mouse have unveiled the music video for lead single “Lampshades On Fire.” Although the song was first released as a single back in December, the video premiered today on the Facebook page for television network Adult Swim.

Directed by the oddly named Jorge Torres-Torres and featuring an appearance by actress Natasha Lyonne, the video depicts what can be best described as a long, wild, strange party. Shots of the band are interspersed with a rapid succession of images, including those of children wearing face paint, people in strange costumes, teenagers drinking and smoking, random animals, needles piercing skin, and other unusual happenings. Somewhat reminiscent of Harmony Korine’s film Gummo, it is an appropriate setting for a band whose songs have, for over twenty years, described the weird, seamy underbelly of suburbia and small town America.

Check out the video for “Lampshades On Fire” below:

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