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Jamie Cullum – Interlude

Artist:     Jamie Cullum

Album:     Interlude

Label:     Island Records

Release Date:     01/27/15


His innovative stage presence and smooth, warm vocals have earned him a loyal fan following, but English jazz-pop singer/songwriter Jamie Cullum’s musical originality is not his only asset. The artist recently released his latest record, Interlude, a collection of jazz cover songs. Tackling well-loved classics like “Lovesick Blues”, most notably performed by Hank Williams, and Jimmy Durante’s “Make Someone Happy”, Cullum successfully combines his own slick modern jazz talents with the original elements of each track as they were when they were first recorded. This ability to so effortlessly transform the classics into reinvented songs is a knack that Cullum has clearly mastered.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Interlude is the range that Cullum presents: On “Come And Get Me”, he expresses solid vocals that are slightly rougher than he normally employs, whereas “Lullaby of the Leaves” has Cullum utilizing his signature smooth sound. Accompanying these Sinatra-esque vocals is exciting instrumentation. Perfectly timed trumpets, cymbals and more provide a booming background for each track. Despite these inspiring additions, though, Jamie Cullum does not rely on embellishment. Interlude is a great example of true artistry at work in that the record exemplifies the art of both reinvention and recognition.

– Savannah Davanzo

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