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Joni Mitchell’s Reps Deny Coma Reports

Little has been heard from folk icon Joni Mitchell since she was hospitalized in late March. Now, conflicting reports are coming out about the singer’s condition, with Mitchell’s representatives vehemently denying reports in TMZ that the singer is in a coma and is currently unresponsive.

“Joni is still in the hospital – but she comprehends, she’s alert, and she has her full senses,” her reps said in a statement posted on Mitchell’s website. The rumors stem from Mitchell’s friend, Leslie Morris, having filed paperwork to assume conservatorship over Mitchell. Mitchell’s reps also deny this, saying that the paperwork filed by Morris had to do with determining Mitchell’s medical care once she leaves the hospital.

However, sources tell Billboard that Mitchell’s condition may be worse than the public is being led to believe, with one source saying that Mitchell is in “very serious” condition.

Fans are encouraged to send Mitchell their well-wishes at the website

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