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Exclusive: Listen To Bird Dog’s Swingin’ Brooklyn-Meets-Texas New Track

Bird Dog, Bon Bon Voyage, Ben Chace

A bird dog is a type of dog trained to pick up a scent and retrieve animals during a hunt. Bird Dog, the Brooklyn-based band founded in 2010 by brothers Ben and Nathaniel Chace and their pals Mark Dobbyn and Paul Defiglia, picks up the scent of a range of genres, from folk and R&B, to rock and African music, retrieving rhythms, melodies and styles and weaving them into a dynamic, ever evolving sound.

“High and Low” is a rambling, swinging track off of the band’s upcoming EP, Bon Bon Voyage. It’s upbeat and recognizable in its simplicity, a sentiment that Ben Chace, the lead vocalist and songwriter, echoes: “It was a fun song to record and a fun song to write,” he said, “Just three chords. That’s all you need or less, sometimes, to fall right in it.” With woozy, whiskey-laced lyrics and playful backing vocals, it’s a perfect song for dancing the night away, whether in a Brooklyn dive bar or a Texas honky tonk.

Listen to “High and Low” below:


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