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Steven Tyler To Go Country On New Solo Album

On the surface, one would draw any connections between Aerosmith and country music, but over the past few years, the band–specifically singer Steven Tyler–have hinted at an affinity for the genre. The band jammed with Keith Urban in 2013, and Tyler sang duets with Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley in recent years. Now, Tyler is going full country: the singer stopped by the Grand Ole Opry last night to announce his new, country-themed solo album.

According to Rolling Stone, the album was something of an open secret among industry insiders, given the various hints that Tyler had dropped over the years. Tyler himself made things more explicit in an interview with the magazine, saying that growing up in rural New Hampshire instilled an appreciation of country music in him.

So far, though, we only know that Tyler’s album exists and will be coming out at some point. Any other details about the record–including a tracklist, a producer, and a release date–are being kept under wraps for now.

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