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Exclusive: Amanda Kravat Makes A Comeback With A Rocking New Track

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Photo by Nathaniel Johnston

Amanda Kravat stepped out of the rock star rat race to pursue a very different path: raising a family. Now, years later, she’s stepping back to reclaim the bright spotlight of her early twenties with her recent release, AK, a four-song EP on Viper Records. The new record is finding its way to the top of the charts, including a debut at Number Three on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter EP Chart and a huge helping of positive press.

In the wacky music video for the second single from her EP, “Not Myself Today,” Kravat brings together a comically disorienting hodge-podge of folks (and dogs) to poke fun at her trademark flaming red hair and visually wrestle with the song’s central theme of the panic attacks that she began to have after the death of her father. Kravat has a slinky, tough rock ‘n’ roll swagger which carries her ferociously from a rasping whisper to wailing high notes. From her pronounced pout to her bell bottoms and furs, she carries herself like a female double of Steven Tyler, and it’s no wonder Tyler brought her on tour with Aerosmith earlier on in her career. Her soaring chorus of “I’m alright but not ok” captures a universal feeling that immediately endears Kravat to listeners and tempts you to sing—or shout—along.


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  1. She’s back and even better than before. The kind of music you can listen to a gazillion times and not get tired of. More, Amanda, MORE!