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Exclusive: Eilen Jewell Shares Evocative New Song “Pages”

Photo by Otto Kitsinger

Eilen Jewell specializes in crafting rollicking, roadhouse country-rock with a literary edge. It’s earned her comparisons to the likes of Lucinda Williams and Kacey Musgraves, but make no mistake: Eilen is her own woman. Her new album Sundown Over Ghost Town comes out on May 26th, and it features some of the most personal songs she’s ever written. Among them is “Pages,” a jaunty number about the process of writing a song. “I wrote ‘Pages’ as a response to a brief bout of writer’s block,” Jewell says. “I kept trying to write but ended up repeatedly scrapping my efforts.  Pages of discarded lyrics were piling up on the floor, reminding me of leaves on the ground in the fall.  I decided to use that image to see where it led me, and it turns out it led me to this song.” We’re certainly glad that it did.

You can give “Pages” a listen below:

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