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Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” Accused Of Plagiarism

“Sweet Child O’ Mine” was Guns N’ Roses’ biggest it, and it remains one of their most enduring songs. However, an Australian music site is claiming that the accolades and money that GN’R received from the song may have been ill-gotten gains. Max TV recently did a side-by-side comparison between the Guns N’ Roses hit and “Unpublished Critics,” a song by the band Australian Crawl, and they found more than a few similarities.

“Unpublished Critics” was released six years before “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” and while it may be obscure in the United States, it was a huge hit in Australia. Given that Australian Crawl and Guns N’ Roses were both distributed by Geffen Records, it’s possible that the bands may have crossed each other’s paths at some point. According to Max TV, the songs both feature “the same chugging chord progression” and “a similarly sweeping lead break,” among other things.

Axl Rose has yet to officially comment on this issue, but Australian Crawl vocalist James Reyne has acknowledged the similarities between the songs on occasion and has even taken to covering “Sweet Child O’ Mine” in concert.

Compare both songs below:

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