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Hear a Swirling, Psych-Pop Track From Zuli

ZuliWith frantic, pulsing guitar, swirling percussion and soaring, almost howling harmonies, it’s easy to see why Ryan Camenzuli, a.k.a. Zuli’s style has been labeled psych-pop. Yet, in many ways the young artist defies any easy classification. With hints of tribal rhythms, glam-rock and at times an almost reggae feel, Zuli is creating a wholly unique, endlessly shifting sound, and it’s no wonder that people are getting excited.

“Keep It Together” is a track from Zuli’s recently released EP, Supernatural Voodoo. On the song, Zuli explains, “‘Keep It Together’ served as a musical mantra for me to stay calm when everything was going wrong and your thoughts are turning on you. Musically, the song is like a roller coaster in that it has a lot of highs and lows and takes you to a completely different place by the end of the ride, which can be paralleled to my creative process and thought cycle.” Indeed, the track has a mantra-like, repetitive quality, with Zuli acting as the high priest in the eye of the storm. The music swirls frenetically around him, yet he holds it together in grounded, masterful calm.

Watch a live performance of “Keep It Together” below.

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