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Exclusive: Listen To Boston Singer/Songwriter Sarah Blacker’s Tropical Lullaby

Sarah Blacker

In anticipation of her third full-length release, In Waves, you can now check out Boston singer/songwriter Sarah Blacker’s newest track, “It Shows.” Though the album promises to be a rocking and ambitious record (not unlike Blacker’s other releases), “It Shows” is more of a lullaby. “I accept all of my emotions as visitors and allow myself to observe them while feeling them each to their very depths,” Blacker said. “You can’t skip over certain emotions, I feel that it’s very important to ‘feel it all.'” This philosophy certainly manifests itself in “It Shows.”

Showcasing Blacker’s sugary vocals, featuring both a smooth soprano and equally appetizing alto, “It Shows” is a gorgeous ukulele serenade set to relaxing and romantic tropical instrumentation. Blacker sweetly sings, “We don’t let anyone know/We don’t let anyone know/What we haven’t said yet/But it shows,” alluding to the innocence of falling in love, a topic Blacker’s fans are eager to relate to. “It Shows” is a lush vacation into Sarah Blacker’s voice, heart and mind.

Listen to “It Shows” below, connect with Sarah here  and here, and be sure to catch her on tour by keeping an eye on her upcoming shows here:

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