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Exclusive: Listen To Pianist Jon Regen’s Catchy “Morning Papers”


New York-based pianist and singer/songwriter Jon Regen originally plied his musical talent in jazz, but on his latest album, Stop Time, original tracks like “Morning Papers” exist more as pop songs while still heavily maintaining the jazz techniques that have come to inspire his ultimate musicality.

In his video for “Morning Papers,” Regen sings soulfully and plays his own brand of piano, blending his right hand with a less commonly used moving left hand, in what Regen refers to as “a conscious attempt to outline the song’s harmony”—and he succeeds. Accompanied by a backing band, Regen howls catchy lyrics like “Every night when I go to bed/Delusions of grandeur swim around inside my head/When I wake up/I wanna wake up next to you,” hinting not-so-subtly at the materialism that seems to plague humanity despite priceless privileges like love. The consistency of his piano playing paired with the harsh realizations in the lyrics are a welcome contrast thanks to Regen’s ability to effortlessly transform difficult subjects into more easily accessible, fun jaunts.

According to Regen himself, “Morning Papers” is like “a musical reminder to celebrate what you already have in your life, as opposed to the things you think you want.” The inspiring message is received loud and clear courtesy of the catchy hooks and Regen’s even, solid vocals.


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