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Report: Joni Mitchell May Leave Hospital Soon

Joni Mitchell has been hospitalized since being found unconscious in her home in March, and rumors are continuing to swirl around the condition of the folk legend. Now, reports are surfacing that Mitchell may be leaving the hospital and returning home soon.

The Associated Press reports that Mitchell’s longtime friend Leslie Morris was at a hearing in his attempts to get emergency conservatorship over Mitchell’s medical decisions. In the hearing, Morris’ lawyer cited Mitchell’s impending release from the hospital as a reason why his client should have conservator powers. Mitchell’s current condition and her prognosis were not discussed at the hearing, at which the judge decided in favor of giving Morris temporary conservatorship.

The news that Mitchell will be returning home is a far cry from reports that surfaced a few weeks ago claiming that Mitchell was in a coma. Mitchell’s representatives were quick to refute those claims, but it hasn’t done much to stop speculation about the singer’s health.

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