Tony Lucca

The Studio At Webster Hall / New York, NY

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Photos by Sean Jamar

After kicking off in Boston two nights earlier, Tony Lucca’s Paint A Picture tour, in support of his debut full-length album, Tony Lucca, since his successful run on The Voice in 2012, graced the intimate stage of The Studio at Webster Hall on April 16th. The two blues-rock supporting acts that were complimentary to the headliner included native New Yorkers Castle Creek and Anna Rose who did an excellent job setting the tone for the main event, followed by Tony Lucca hitting the stage. What then transpired proved to be an entertaining set filled with new songs, old songs, guest appearances and superb musicianship. Backed by The Rollaways and guitarist Keaton Simons, Lucca’s set started with uptempo cuts like “Old Girl” and “Confession” from his new self-titled record. One of the most on-point performance of the night was of “North Star”.

Part of what made the night so special were the talented guest performers that took the stage. Starting with Anna Rose, who returned to the stage after her energetic set to sing the duet “Right On Time” with Lucca, he gave the audience “a taste of guitarist Keaton Simons” who in turn brought out his own special guest, saxophonist Michael Ghegan. With Tony doing some background vocals, they proceeded to play a cool mash up which comprised of “Masterpiece” sprinkled with a little Ray Charles’ “I Got A Woman” and Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel”. Tony returned to the lead to blow the doors off the building with “Foxy Jane”, which was the perfect time to bring the crowd back to earth with his acoustic portion of the set which included “All My Friends” and “Baby Driver” by Simon and Garfunkel. Pianist Jason Spiewak then joined the band to perform “Pretty Things”. Afterwards, Tony plugged back in and rocked out with the crowd to “Sweat It Out”, “Paint A Picture” and “Imagination”. The evening came to a close with the crowd begging for an encore, to which Tony delivered a solo acoustic performance of “New York City”. For those originally unfamiliar with Tony Lucca before tonight, the musician left NYC with more fans on his roster.

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