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Exclusive: Fall In Love With Nathan Fox’s Jangling Summer Single

Nathan FoxWith the first of two singles Nathan Fox will release this summer, the San Diego based singer/songwriter wants to remind us that no matter how hot it gets, summer is still undoubtedly the season for love.

“Falling In Love,” available exclusively through Elmore as a free download, is a whistle-wetting follow-up to Fox’s EP, I’m All Done. The breezy ebullience of the guitar and chime driven track is fitting for the sentiment of its title, but don’t be fooled– it isn’t just pop-fluff.

The lightness of the opening gives way to a hard-driving, jangling and soulful jam. Fox counts folk star Ray LaMontagne among his influences, and the resemblance is uncanny at times. Yet Fox may even have a deeper, more weathered rasp, one that, along with his cheeky lyrics, is guaranteed to charm its way into your brain and onto your summer playlist. Let the love commence.

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