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Exclusive: Hear A Synth-Heavy Power Pop Track From P.J. Pacifico

P.J. Pacifico by Shervin Lainez
P.J. Pacifico by Shervin Lainez

Artists are constantly in the process of invention and reinvention, growing and changing their style throughout the years as their moods, inspirations, and experiences change. For P.J. Pacifico, crafting his new EP, Ready To Run, out now on Viper Records, meant moving away from his label as a primarily acoustic singer/songwriter, and discovering a new voice through a more electronically produced, synth laden sound.

“Ready To Run,” the titular track off of Pacifico’s five song EP, highlights the theme of rebirth and forward movement that weaves through the album. A cancer survivor, these new songs were a chance for Pacifico to wrestle with the challenges of his past and move forward with a clear vision. This exclusive premiere is a synth driven power ballad, with a killer hook, eighties vibe, and deliciously raspy vocals that you very well might mistake for early Rod Stewart. Pacifico’s layering of female harmonies towards the end of the track adds an exciting change-up, and keeps the song moving forward at full speed.

The lyric music video, directed by Tobias Baharian, creates an energetic, swirling backdrop that complements the upbeat pulse of the track. A fitting setting, figures in a sketched black and white bustle through Grand Central Terminal.

Watch the video below, a look out for Ready To Run on iTunes here.

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