Bobby Rush

B.B. King's Blues Club / New York, NY

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Photos by Stanley Abraham.

Bobby Rush entered the house of the King of the Blues with an air of reverence and respect. He also brought the perspective of age and experience, having known and played with B.B. King for over 40 years. Rush was ready to attempt to wear the crown proudly and deservedly as well as respectfully.

Being a consummate entertainer, Rush was able to mesmerize the crowd with his cheerful personality. When combined with his extensive musical heritage, talent and perspective, and contributed extensively to it, Rush’s showmanship shines through and informs as well as entertains . He lived through the birth of the blues, and his show could have been played in a juke joint on the Chitlin’ Circuit.

Many in the audience were able to sing along while enjoying Rush’s presence and musicianship. After playing for about 90 minutes, Rush asked the audience if it was time to go home and got a resounding “Not Yet” answer. He got the same answer each time he asked that question. When it was time for the last song, the entire audience was on their feet cheering and sharing their love for the music and for Bobby Rush.

Stanley Abraham

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