Heather Maloney with Will Dailey

Joe's Pub / New York, NY

MB5wKw2uZL7Z5pbYxi9JdCMtu-d9-QEE397iZxVN2to,r8tKh2-yNGBfhtRBHt0BE_0AO6_WAKvZ1LnGzSektscJoe’s Pub was a great backdrop to what became a surprisingly mesmerizing show. The show began with Will Dailey, who had a slightly nervous attitude on stage as he spoke about touring and winning The New England Music Award for album and song of the year. All of that nervous excitement faded, however, as soon as he closed his eyes and got lost in the sound. The most power moments became the quietest, and it was in these seconds that Dailey tugged at your heartstrings and refused to let go.

Opening with “Nightstand Drawer,, Maloney splashed onto the stage with a love song from her previous album that is being reprised on her new album, Making Me Break. Although the song is old, the sound somehow seemed fuller and silkier, and it is a testament to the magical team of Maloney and her Grammy-nominated producer Bill Reynolds (Band of Horses). This album comes right in time for spring with its warm tones and drumming beat. The only way to describe the new content is fresh and dewy, with Maloney’s voice giving songs like Dandelion that sweet twang touch.

Avital Glibicky

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